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April 25, 2015 - June 11, 2022
A strong (7.8) earthquake hit Nepal in the area near Barpak, a mountain village between capital Kathmandu and tourist town Pokhara. The earthquake was followed by many powerful aftershocks and a very powerful one (6.7) hit Nepal on Sunday April 26, 2015.
The earthquakes caused extensive damage to buildings and thousands of deaths and injuries and was even felt in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.
Many (historic) buildings collapsed, temples have been ruined, roads destroyed. Nearly 8000 deaths in Nepal and tens of deaths in India & Tibet. The quake was followed by more than 430 aftershocks and another huge earthquake (6.8) on May 12, 2015.


News snippets

- Scores dead as 6.4M earthquake jolts west Nepal (Nov 4, 2023)

Over 250 casualties have been confirmed in the quake that occurred late on Friday. Prime Minister Dahal directs for immediate rescue and relief.

- Nepal Earthquake: More than 150 killed in remote western Nepal (Nov 4, 2023)

More than 150 people have been killed after an earthquake struck remote western Nepal on Friday evening. Strong tremors were felt far away in the Nepalese capital and in cities in neighbouring India, including Delhi.

- Nepal earthquake kills at least 69 (Nov 4, 2023)

At least 69 people were killed and dozens injured in Nepal on Friday when a strong earthquake struck the western area of Jajarkot, with witnesses saying houses in the area collapsed and buildings as far as New Delhi, India, shook.


- At least six dead as 6.6 M earthquake jolts west Nepal (Nov 9, 2022)

- 4.7 earthquake in Bhaktapur district around 02:36 on Saturday morning (June 11, 2022)

- 5.8 earthquake in Lamjung damaged dozens of houses and leaving 6 people injured (May 19, 2021)

- 3.3 Tremor felt in Kathmandu (Jan 22, 2019)

- Nepal faces the threat of a much stronger earthquake with magnitude of 8 or more (Jan 19, 2019)



- Assam earthquake jolts eastern districts (Sept 12, 2018)

- 5-magnitude aftershock rocks central Nepal (June 28, 2018)

- Minor tremors in Taplejung on Wednesday (June 20, 2018)

- President visits Hanuman Dhoka (April 25, 2018)

- Less than one-third of classrooms reconstructed in three years of Gorkha earthquake (April 25, 2018)

- Quake survivors still in unsafe homes (April 25, 2018)

- From the ruins of Dharahara, PM Oli urges speedy reconstruction (April 25, 2018)

- Quake epicenter Barpak on slow road to recovery (April 25, 2018)

- Plight of many quake victims still unchanged (April 25, 2018)

- Quake recovery hits new hurdle: Survivors building 1-room homes (April 24, 2018)

- Post-quake housing reconstruction project begins in Nuwakot (April 16, 2018)

- 4.6 quake in Dolakha (March 2, 2018)

- Fresh 4.5 quake in Darchula (December 28, 2017)

- 4.1 earthquake in Rukum today (October 2, 2017)

- 4.9 earthquake in Bajhang (August 22, 2017)

- 4.6 aftershock in Dolakha (August, 21, 2017)

- 5.1 magnitude aftershock hits Okhaldhunga, tremors felt in Kathmandu (July 2, 2017)

- Two years on, reconstruction yet to gain pace in Gorkha (April 26, 2017)

- Locals declare to rebuild Kasthamadap on their own (April 26, 2017)

- Reconstruction should get top priority: Minister Joshi (April 26, 2017)

- Nepal's earthquake disaster: Two years and $4.1bn later (April 25, 2017)

- Nepal makes scant progress in rebuilding 2 years after quake (April 25. 2017)

- Move faster: Development partners tell Nepal on quake anniversary (April 25, 2017)

- Nepal Earthquake anniversary: Images of endurance (April 25, 2017)

- Rebuilding a Nepali village, one block at a time (April 25, 2017)

- 4.2 earthquake in Sindhupalchowk at 17:04 this afternoon (April 24, 2017)

- Building retrofitting guidelines published (April 24, 2017) - “Just because a building did not fall down or sustain even minor impact in the recent earthquake does not mean that it is safe. Timely precaution needs to be taken.”

- Building back unsafe: Property owners continue to flout building code despite death & destruction in 2015 earthquake (April 21, 2017)

- 30 more settlements likely to require relocation (April 18, 2017)

- Dharahara (Bhimsen Tower) to be rebuilt at cost of Rs. 2.8 billion (March 31, 2017)

- Two aftershock in Ramechhap this morning (Feb 27, 2017)

- Fresh 4.1 earthquake hits far-western Nepal (Feb 10, 2017)

- 4.4-magnitude tremor jolts Kathmandu (Feb 4, 2017)

- Kathmandu region at risk of larger earthquake, warn scientists (Dec 6, 2016)

- 5.6-magnitude aftershock rocks Kathmandu (Nov 28, 2016)

- Two aftershocks felt this morning (Sept 5, 2016)

- Quake-hit schools in 31 districts to be rebuilt within 3 years (August 10, 2016)

- 4.1 aftershock in Gorkha at 11:59 on Saturday (July 23, 2016)

- Survey for quake grant distribution starting in Valley on Monday (July 14, 2016)

- 4.1 aftershock in Dolakha at 01:09 on Friday (May 13, 2016)

- 4.5 aftershock in Gorkha at 14:37 on Wednesday (May 11, 2016)

- 4.4 aftershock in Dhading at 07.04 on Wednesday morning (May 10, 2016)

- 4.1 aftershock in the border region of Gorkha & Dhading at 10:31 on Thursday morning (May 5, 2016)

- 4.3 aftershock in Rasuwa at 15:18 on Tuesday (April 26, 2016)

- Reconstruction at Basantapur world heritage site starts (April 25, 2016)

- Candles lit up in Dharahara shape during candlelight vigil 2 mark anniversary of earthquake (April 24, 2016)

- Heritage sites one year after the earthquake (April 24, 2016)


- Prez Bhandari lays foundation stone of Earthquake Memorial Park (April 24, 2016)

- PM inaugurates reconstruction campaign from Sindhupalchowk  (April 24, 2016)

- Nepal marks anniversary of devastating April earthquake (April 24, 2016)

- 4.2 aftershock in Nuwakot at 02:16 on Sunday morning (April 24, 2016)

- One year after the devastating earthquake, economic revival still a far cry (April 23, 2016)

- The long road to rebuilding heritage sites


- 4.0 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 16:49 on Friday afternoon (April 22, 2016)

- President to lay foundation stone for Earthquake Memorial Park (April 22, 2016)

- 4.0 aftershock in Dolakha at 00:41 on Friday morning (April 22, 2016)

- Virtually no government rebuilding one year after Nepal quake (April 21, 2016)

- One year on, quake survivors still pining for rehabilitation (April 20, 2016)

- Deuba: Government fails in post-quake reconstruction, resettlement (April 16, 2016)

- 4.4. aftershock in Dolakha at 20:26 on Tuesday (April 12, 2016)

- 4.0 aftershock in Okhaldhunga at 10:59 on Thursday (March 17, 2016)

- Damaged bridges & trails cuts Lapchi village off from outside world (March 16, 2016)


- 4.5 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 03:12 on Tuesday (March 15, 2016)

- 4.4 earthquake in Humla at 13:50 on Monday (March 7, 2016)

- 4.0 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 07:10 on Sunday (March 6, 2016)

- 4.3 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 16:30 on Tuesday (March 1, 2016)

- 5.4 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 15:07 on Wednesday (Feb 24, 2016)

- 5+ aftershocks in Gorkha district on Sunday (Feb 21, 2016)

- Slow govt response forced quake displaced to rebuild in risk zone (Feb 15, 2016)

- 4.6 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 22:12 on Wednesday evening (Feb 10, 2016)

- Disaster management policy still lacking (Feb 8, 2016)

-  Friday's 5.5 aftershock leaves 71 people injured in Kathmandu Valley (Feb 7, 2016)

- 5.5 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 22:05 on Friday evening (Feb 5, 2016)

- 4.4 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 20:42 on Wednesday (Jan 27, 2016)

- Mega reconstruction campaign kicks off (Jan 18, 2016)

- Snowfall at Gupsipakha, Larpak in northern Gorkha district, has impacted lives of some 500 earthquake victims living in the area (Jan 10, 2016)

- 4.2 aftershock in Dolakha at 03:52 on Monday (Dec 28, 2015)

- Five quake survivor in Dolakha die of cold (Dec 26, 2015)

- 5.3 earthquake in Bajura at 04:01 on Saturday morning (Dec 19, 2015)

- 4.1 aftershock in Kathmandu at 06:10 on Monday morning (Nov 30, 2015)

- Fresh 4.6 earthquake in Panchthar at 10:37 today (Nov 27, 2015)

- 5.3 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 10:00 (Nov 19, 2015)

- 4.2 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 15:45 (Nov 12, 2015)

- 4.3 aftershock in Rasuwa at 09:28 on Saturday morning (Oct 31, 2015)

- Number of 4+ aftershock of April 25 Nepal Earthquake reaches 400 (Oct 6, 2015)

- 4.2 aftershock in Dolakha at 17:47 on Tuesday (Oct 6, 2015)

- Foot trail to Langtang Valley opened (Oct 5, 2015)

- Two 4+ aftershocks in Dolakha on Monday (Oct 5, 2015)

- An Oral History of Langtang, the Valley Destroyed by the Nepal Earthquake (Sept 29, 2015)

- 4.6 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk and new 4.6 earthquake in Darchula today (Sept 29, 2015)

- 4.5 aftershock at 12:17 with epicenter 25 km west of Kathmandu (Sept 22, 2015)

- 4.2-magnitude tremor felt after seven days (Sept 17, 2015)

- "Only" 11 people death after a huge 8.3 earthquake in Chile on Thursday (Sept 17, 2015)

- Two 4+ aftershocks so far on Thursday (Aug 27)

- Hundreds of houses & a temporary camp housing 850 earthquake survivors inundated due to flash flood in Bhaktapur (Aug 27)


- If Nepal-like earthquake hits New Delhi, 90 percent of people will be wiped out: HC (Aug 27)

- Minor and fresh 4.1 earthquake in Jumla at 07:46 this morning (Aug 26)

- M4.3 aftershock jolts Capital, epicentre Kalimati (Aug 11)

- 4.9 M aftershock jolts Gorkha (Aug 10)

- Bad weather hampers ferrying of bodies from Langtang (Aug 9)

- Another aftershock above 4M jolts Nepal, Epicenter Kathmandu (July 22)

- Reconstruction gets Rs91 billion (July 15)

- Two M4+ aftershocks this afternoon (July 13)

- 130 quake victims still missing in Rasuwa

- 4.4 aftershock in Sindupalchowk at 17:59 (July 9)

- Human remains found in Langtang. Police suspect it could be of a French national (July 4)

- Two aftershocks felt early morning, one 5.0 in Sindhupalchowk (July 2)

- Two M4 aftershocks this morning (July 1)

- Relocation of high risk settlements within 15 days (June 30)

- Khimti children risk lives to reach school (June 28)

- Earthquake survivors still await cash to build shelter (June 27)

- 4.0 aftershock in Sindhupalchowk at 14:59 (June 24)

- Foreign Guests visit Hanumandhoka, Sankhu (June 24)

- 5.4 magnitude quake strikes Rukum (June 20)

- 237 kids missing after Great Quake (June 18)

- 4 aftershocks recorded in two hours (June 17)

- Nepal could lose ‘over 300k’ visitors this year

- Quake-hit people await cash relief for temporary shelter (June 15)

- 4.1 aftershock in Dolakha at 15:01 (June 14)

- The calm before the storm. Farmers in the Sankhu area aren't able to work in their fields

- People desert Tatopani area fearing more landslips

- Rs 666.3b needed for post-quake rebuilding

June 11

- 5.3 aftershock 43 km NE of Kathmandu, Nepal around 22:00 hours (June 11)

- Patan Durbar Square opens to public from today

- Taplejung landslide death toll reaches 53

- Three M4+ aftershocks on June 11

June 7-10

- Manakamana Temple renovation works start in Gorkha

- Kathmandu valley continues to remain in a high risk zone

- Magnitude 4.6 aftershock strikes, epicenter in Sindhupalchowk

- 53 human skeletons recovered from Langtang area


June 4-6

- Two M4+ aftershocks recorded on June 5

- 5 civilians among US chopper crash victims

- Quake-damaged structures mostly built for rent

June 3

- So far 4 tremors above M4 today

- Nepal’s disaster isn’t over yet: it is just moving into the next phase

- Earthquake adds to woes of food-short north Gorkha

June 2

- Four dead in Sindhupalchok chopper crash - A helicopter returning from Dolakha after distributing relief to earthquake victims crashed in Yamuna Danda VDC in Sindhupalchok district

- 4.0 Aftershock felt at 10:48 am on Tuesday

- Govt says it had prepared for major earthquake

June 1

- Death toll reaches 8,699. Whereabouts of 193 Nepalis, 80 foreigners still unknown

- Schools reopen after 5 weeks

- Langtang lives on in a Kathmandu yard

May 30

- 50,000 more houses may be affected

- Campaign to showcase earthquake-resistant building designs

May 29

- 5.2 aftershock with epicenter in Dhading at 15:44

- Five jolts experienced on Friday

- Affected neighbours of damaged high-rise buildings to hold protest meeting

May 28

- Already 6 aftershocks recorded on Thursday

- Kathmandu grapples with soaring (labour) costs


May 27

- A fresh aftershock with 4.5 in the Richter scale rattled the Kathmandu Valley

- Over 60 settlements in Sindhupalchowk at high risk

May 26

- Everest Hotel is the first 5-star hotel to get red sticker after the earthquake strike

- Over 30,000 jolts recorded in a month

- Icimod study finds that 3,000 landslides occurred across the country since April 25 quake

May 25

- Gorkha earthquake death toll reaches 8,659

- 7 min. aerial video from Langtang Valley after the Earthquakes

- Candlelight vigil marks 1 month since deadly Nepal quake

- Landslides block Kali Gandaki; dam burst unlikely. Experts think earthquake and aftershocks behind landslide

- Quake affects 70 pc houses in Humla

May 23

- Windstorm, rain batters Kathmandu, add to quake victims woes

- Water sources dried up in Barpark after quake

- Farmers left helpless as cattle perish in quakes

May 20-22

- The economic damage from the Nepal earthquake is almost half of the country’s GDP

- In Dolakha, the aftershock was more destructive than the main earthquake

- At least 200 deaths in 1,000 quake-flattened monasteries

- Earthquake death toll reaches 8,631

- 4.4 magnitude aftershock strikes. Epicenter on the border Kathmandu , Lalitpur &  Makwanpur districts

- UN: "1 million Nepal children unable to return to school"

- 22 Gorkha villages proposed for resettlement

May 19

- Earthquake: 55 pc of dead are women & girls

- Earthquake victims make scrap bus their home

- Earthquake death toll reaches 8,617

- Engineers in short supply as home owners want safety assurance

May 18

- Govt bans construction of houses over 2-storey

- Govt seeks India, China help to raze over 1,000 Valley buildings

- Earthquake in the Langtang Valley, a personal report

May 17

- Earthquake death toll reaches 8,567

- 160-yr-old model house still standing tall in Bhaktapur

- Over 100 bodies lying under rubble in Singati Bazaar

May 16

- 5.5 magnitude aftershock strikes, 8 aftershocks so far on Saturday

- Reviving tourism is high priority

- Govt to provide 15k instead of zinc sheets

May 15

- Quake death toll reaches 8460

- Langtang, before, during & after the Earthquakes

May 14

- Death toll of May 12 quake is 117 and 2760 people injured

- Horror And Hope After A Massive Earthquake, Through The Eyes Of A 17-Year-Old from Langtang

- Six aftershocks above 4 in Richter scale felt on Thursday

- Life slowly limping back to normalcy in Kathmandu

- Total quake toll reaches 8,250


- Two-month ban on house design approval

- Are High rise buildings in Kathmandu Valley earthquake proof?


May 13

- Latest update: Death toll of May 12 quake is 91 and 2428 people injured

- Death toll from Tuesday’s quake reaches 76. The quake claimed 56 lifes in Dolakha alone

- Government requests foreign medics to stay put

- Recurring aftershocks sign of receding risks or Nepal disaster presages a coming megaquake

- High-rises, residential houses ‘further affected’

- Government requests foreign medics to stay put

May 12

- Death toll from Tuesday's quake reaches 61

- US Air Force chopper missing in Charikot

- Tuesday’s quake worsens life in Bhaktapur

- Earthquake triggers landslide at Araniko highway

- Dozens dead, more than 1,000 injured / Dolakha district has been hit very bad

- 7.4 earthquake felt in many parts of Nepal at 12:54 on Tuesday May 12, followed by several M6 aftershocks

-  4 people killed after fresh earthquake, number likely to rise

- Rescue operation in avalanche hit Langtang

Epicenter of May 12 Earthquake


- No more foreign troops, says Nepal Army

May 11

- Video: Tatopani bazaar turns into ghost town

- New building code: Tallest Valley house may be three-storeyed


May 10

- Earthquake death toll reaches 8,020

- One dies in latest aftershock

- Fresh tremors jolt Nepal

- Efforts on to open North Gorkha-Tibetan entry point to save quake-hit from famine

- Rising from the rubbles: The three Durbar Squares of the Valley

- Fresh avalanches force workers to call off search

May 9

- 'Million children left out of school'

- Death toll reaches 7,912

- Scores died in Capital during Saturday mass


Location of April 25, 2015 earthquake (7.8)


May 8

- Nepal earthquake rocks its economy

- 'Don't hike house rent': Govt tells house owners


- Mild tremors continue to jolt nation


- Relief materials 'too little too late', lament Barpak quake victims


May 7

- The shocking reason why some Nepalese workers in Qatar can't go to earthquake victims' funerals

- 'Nepal earthquake death toll rises to 8,413'

- Thousands of Nepalese pray for earthquake victims  / Candle-lit vigil in memory of quake victims

- NRNA to build 1,000 quake-resistant homes

- An Open Letter by Prashant Da Gunner to #IndianMedia

- Devastating April 25 quake toll reaches 7,759

- Traffic resumes on damaged highways

May 6

- Death toll in deadly quake reaches 7,652 and nearly 300,000 houses completely destroyed

- Top three leaders visit Langtang where around 300 people were killed

- Water shortage worsens in Valley after quake

May 5

- Death toll from Great Quake put at 7,611

- 80% tourists cancel reservations in quake’s wake

- Quake damages 95% school buildings in Sindhupalchowk


May 4

- Report from Langtang, one of the 'Worst-affected' villages

- Quake death toll reaches 7,365 across the country

- 575 schools in 36 districts completely damaged by quake

- 2 rescued alive from Gorkha on tenth day of earthquake

May 3

- A centenarian rescued alive after eight days

- Devastating quake death toll climbs to 7056

- Tribhuvan International Airport has imposed a landing ban on heavy cargo planes

May 1 & 2

- Airport customs holding up aid relief

- 5.1-magnitude quake rocks Gorkha yet again and triggers landslides

- Surya Binayak and Panauti unaffected by quake

- Death toll climbs towards 6500

- Drone footage shot by CNN shows villages in Nepal in need of aid, but are unreachable due to landslides

- 50 bodies recovered from Dharara

- 710 houses ravaged in Udaypur by Gorkha earthquake

- videos of the moment the moment of the big earthquake

April 30

- Death toll climbs towards 6000

- 15-year-old boy found alive after 132 hours / Man rescued after 98 hours in Nuwakot

- great earthquake wipes out Barpak


April 29

- People leave Kathmandu en masse (338,932 leave by Wednesday)

- Photographs of Earthquake Devastation in Nepal

- many people rescued from Langtang region

- Anger at leaders

- Earthquake Moved the Whole City of Kathmandu 10 Feet south

- Relief starts reaching remote villages

April 28

- Thousands queue at New Baneshwor to catch a bus back home

- Earthquake toll passes 5.000

- 8 million people affected in Nepal

April 27

- Quake toll over 4.200

- Villages Near Nepal Earthquake’s Epicenter Are Desperate as Death Toll Tops 3,800

- Death toll passes 3400 and continues to rise

- 45 tremors above 4.5 in Richter scale felt till date

- How to Help the Relief Effort in Nepal

- Rain likely for next 24 hours


April 26

- The death toll by earthquakes that struck Nepal on Saturday and Sunday claimed a total of 2,400 lives and injured 5,850 till Sunday afternoon

- Avalanche overwhelms Langtang village, over 100 feared dead, situation looks very bad

- 217 missing in Everest region

- Experts: 32 times more devastating earthquake to hit Nepal and India

- Huge aftershock on Sunday (6.7)


April 25

- More than 2000 deaths

- Thousands and thousands are sleeping outside in the rain

- Kathmandu turns into a tent city as night falls

- safety check tools from Facebook & Google

- Probably over 1200 deaths after devastating earthquake in Nepal

- Quake avalanche kills 18 at Nepal's Everest Base camp

- Around 450 death according to Nepali police

- Kathmandu Airport closed

- Pictures


News links: BBC - CCN - Timesofindia - Myrepublica


January 31, 2015
A moderate earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale jolted Nepal's popular tourist hub Pokhara on Saturday with no reports of damage or casualties. Panic-stricken people ran out of their homes into open fields when the tremor was felt in the region around 7:44 pm (local time).

August 30, 2013
A strong earthquake that rocked Kathmandu Valley and neighbouring districts at 11:33 pm on Friday was measured to be 6.0 on the Richter scale, according to National Seismological Centre (NSC). The quake followed by aftershocks sent people out of their houses in the Valley at midnight. The epicentre of the quake lies some 60 kilometre north of Jiri, Dolakha.


more news items


A survey by KVERMP (Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project) in 2003/2004 warned that around 40.000 people might die and nearly 100.000 might suffer injury requiring hospital services when another earthquake measuring around 8.4 on the Richter scale (like the one in 1934) would hit the country.

The survey also estimated that six out of ten buildings would collapse. On top of that KVERMP also warns that 95 percent of water supply pipes might explode and 50 percent of bridges and 10 percent of roads could collapse in the valley.
In the face of such a calamity people would need prompt hospital services. But the major hospitals in Kathmandu are poorly built so most of them would be non-operational and the remaining ones will also see services disrupted.

Is Nepal prepared to face such a disaster?

The answer is NO. Read more

Some of the most recent earthquakes & aftershocks in Nepal


Date, Year




June 19, 2015




June 17, 2015




June 17, 2015




May 12, 2015




May 12, 2015




April 26, 2015




April 25, 2015




April 25, 2015




April 22, 2015




April 22, 2015




April 21, 2015




Feb 14, 2015




Jan 31, 2015




Jan 22, 2015




Jan 5, 2015




Dec 18, 2014


Solukhumbu district


Nov 25, 2014


Gorkha district


Sept 17, 2014




July 4, 2014




Mar 31, 2014


Humla district


Oct 13, 2013


Humla district


Oct 3, 2013


Sikkim, but felt in many eastern districts of Nepal


Sept 22, 2013


Humla district


August 30, 2013


Dolakha district / Tibet border area


June 28, 2013




May 14, 2013




April 28, 2013


Northern Bajhang


March 17, 2013




March 6, 2013


Southern Rukum


January 9, 2013




January 2, 2013


Bajhang & Doti border


All earthquakes in 2014 / 2013


Note: click on the location for a map of the area

Earthquake Nepal



Earthquake Nepal

Earthquake Nepal-news snippets:


Feb 2, 2015

5.5-magnitude earthquake shakes Nepal's Pokhara.
A moderate earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale jolted Nepal's popular tourist hub Pokhara on Saturday with no reports of damage or casualties. Panic-stricken people ran out of their homes into open fields when the tremor was felt in the region around 7:44 pm (local time). There were no immediate reports of any major damage due to the earthquake, according to Seismological Centre of Nepal. Read more

Sept 11, 2014

Earthquake resistant water tanks constructed.
Three earthquake resistant drinking water tanks were constructed in different places of Kirtipur as disaster preparedness measures. Two of three the tanks were constructed on the premises of Tribhuvan University and Nepal Agriculture Research Centre and one in Kirtipur municipality-6, Dekhu. While rescuing people during earthquake disaster, water management is of utmost importance. Help Group for OXFAM, Lumanti Housing and Kirtipur municipality jointly constructed the water-tanks. The quake-resistant technology would be used to fetch underground water from 106-metres below the land surface. Read more

Jan. 10, 2014

Kathmandu tops quake risk list in the world.
Kathmandu has topped the earthquake risk list while Nepal is ranked 11th globally, according to the information shared at a programme in the capital on Friday. At an interaction programme on role of media on earthquake risk reduction organized by the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET-Nepal), Deputy Executive Director of NSET-Nepal Ramesh Guragain said the main reason behind the quake risk was the geological structure. It is said that the entire part of Nepal falls in a high earthquake intensity belt . Read more

March. 6, 2013

5.4-magnitude quake rocks western Nepal.
With its epicentre in the southern area of Rukum district‚ an earthquake hit mid western Nepal on Wednesday night causing scores of homes to collapse. However, no human casualties are reported till now. A magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck the southern part of the district at 10:34 pm last night, Seismological Centre‚ Surkhet informed. No human casualties were reported in the district though some houses in Kholagaun VDC and school buildings in Bijeshwori VDC -8 were collapsed owing to the shake. . Read more

Dec. 2, 2012

Quake of year 1255 points to Himalayan risk.
A mega-quake in 1255 that wrecked Nepal’s capital, wiped out a third of the population of Kathmandu Valley and killed the country’s monarch, King Abhaya Malla, was of a kind that may return to the Himalayas, seismologists have reported. Experts from Nepal, France and Singapore mapped deposits of river sediment displaced along part of the fault line where the Indian subcontinent slams into the Asia tectonic plate at up to 50 millimetres per year. With the help of carbon dating, they found that the soil movement in one place was caused by a huge quake that coincided with the great event of July 7, 1255. More than six centuries later, there was another surface-breaking event, correlating to a magnitude 8.2-event in 1934. Read more

Nov. 5, 2012

5.7 quake rocks Kathmandu.
A moderate earthquake, which the National Seismological Centre said was 5.7 on the Richter scale, hit th Kathmandu Valley at 6:52 pm on Monday evening, sending people out of their homes. Dr Soma Nath Sapkota, chief of National Seismological Centre in Kathmandu, told a television station that the preliminary information suggested that the epicentre was in Tibet bordering Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal, 136 km north-east of the Kathmandu Valley. Television channels reported that tremors were felt in eastern Nepal also. According to Thakur Prasad Kandel, seismologist at the Surkhet-based Seismological Centre, some people in Rukum reported that they felt the tremors in the western district also. No casualties have been reported yet.

Oct. 26, 2012

Nepali radio stations ill-prepared for earthquakes.
Radio stations in Nepal, critical sources of emergency information, are ill-prepared to withstand or operate in the event of an earthquakes, experts warn. "If there is an earthquake now, radio broadcasters would be vulnerable given that they are stationed in earthquake-vulnerable buildings,” Man Thapa, programme manager of the UN Development Programme’s comprehensive disaster risk management programme, told IRIN. Read more.

August 24, 2012

Four earthquakes rock Nepal in 12 hours.
Four consecutive earthquakes -- two of them powerful ones -- rocked western Nepal in past 12 hours. With their epicentres in the border area of Rolpa and Rukum districts, the tremors of the first quake were felt in Kathmandu at 10:15 pm last night. Its magnitude was 5.6 on the Richter Scale, according to Dilli Ram Tiwari, survey officer at National Seismological Centre (NSC) in Kathmandu. Read more.

June 9, 2012

Earthquake tremore felt in Pokhara.
A 4.8 magnitude earthquake was felt in Pokhara today. The tremor was felt at about 1: 39 pm, with epicenter located just 16 km from Pokhara. The quake occurred at a depth of 21 km. Nobody is thought to have been injured. Quake's repercussion was also felt in Kathmandu, Gorkha and Chitwan.

Jan 16, 2012

PM Bhattarai: make earthquake resistant buildings

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, addressing a programme in the capital, directed government authorities to monitor ongoing construction work and strongly implement the building codes while providing permission for any construction work. “We do not need to wait for rules and regulations to work on preparedness for earthquake safety, so everyone should be aware and think about the future,” said Bhattarai. Read more.

Jan 16, 2012

earthquake risk reduction policies underway

Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said the government is committed to devising effective laws and policies for the reduction of earthquake risks.
It is a social crime to not make the hospital and school buildings earthquake-resistant, he said, directing the concerned bodies to make buildings by adhering to the building construction code of conduct. Read more.

Nov 13, 2011

Magnitude 5.0 quake hits Gorkha district

A magnitude-5 earthquake hit northeastern part of Gorkha district at 5:45 am on Sunday. According to the National Seismological Centre, the earthquake had its epicentre in an area 50 km northeast of Gorkha district headquarters. The tremor was felt in most parts of western Nepal and the Kathmandu valley. However, there were no immediate reports of any damage caused by the earthquake.

Sept 21, 2011

Kathmandu tops earthquake risk list

With rescue work still under way in Nepal after last Sunday's deadly earthquake in the Himalayas, scientists have warned that the capital Kathmandu is a high-risk city unprepared for the next "Big One". Experts say Kathmandu is one of the most vulnerable cities in the world with an overdue earthquake predicted to kill tens of thousands of people and leave survivors cut off from international aid. British geologist Dave Petley described the latest tremor, which killed eight people in Nepal, as a "wake-up call" for the overcrowded capital, home to two million people and connected to the outside world by just three roads and one airport runway.

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Sept 18, 2011

Strong earthquake hits Nepal and Sikkim:

- Biggest quake since '34 leaves destruction trail

- Tremor wreaks havoc in eastern Nepal

- Three killed‚ scores hurt in Kathmandu Valley

- 6.8 quake wreaks havoc in eastern Nepal

January, 2011

Ask not what your government can do for you in an earthquake,

ask what you can do for yourself

 Interesting article of Kunda Dixit is the Nepali Times: read more

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